PREdictability of the variable Solar-Terrestrial cOupling

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PRESTO is a science program that seeks to improve the predictability of energy flow in the integrated Sun-Earth system on times scales from a few hours to centuries through promoting international collaborative efforts. PRESTO is sponsored by SCOSTEP, the Scientific Committee on Solar Terrestrial Physics.

SCOSTEP is the only organization dealing with the coupled solar-terrestrial system under the umbrella of the International Science Council (ISC). PRESTO (2020 – 2024) is the latest program of SCOSTEP in the modern space era, following a number of programs such as CAWSES (2004-2008),  CAWSES-II (2009-2013) and VarSITI (2014-2018).

Please view the links on the submenus above (Scientific Programs>SCOSTEP/PRESTO>) to learn more about this dynamic scientific program and its 3 Pillars. Details on the On-line Seminar Series can be found here.


Applications were accepted for grants  for campaigns, meetings, and development of databases relevant to the PRESTO topics in 2024 which is the last year of the 5-year PRESTO program.  To view the PRESTO topics, see the links in the submenu above. Guidelines for these grants are on the Grant Proposals page.  Please contact relevant PRESTO Pillar co-leaders on your proposal and explain the relevance of your proposal to the PRESTO activity. Proposals for markedly interdisciplinary activities can be explained directly to PRESTO chair/co-chairs.  The deadline was December 22, 2023.

A new list of databases related to the Sun-Earth system is now available for community use. This database spreadsheet will be useful for interdisciplinary studies from the Sun to the Earth and for students and scientists in developing countries for their quick access to these resources on the web.

SCOSTEP/PRESTO provides support for  creating databases of solar-terrestrial data and for organizing international campaigns and meetings that are strictly related to one or more PRESTO Pillars and contribute to PRESTO activities. Application details can be found on the Grant Proposals page.

Meetings supported by the PRESTO program
Databases and campaigns supported by the PRESTO program