Recognizing the societal importance of studies in the field of solar-terrestrial physics and willing to give credit to scientists who contribute significantly to these studies and to SCOSTEP activities, the SCOSTEP Bureau has instituted the following awards:

SCOSTEP Distinguished Science Award – To recognize an outstanding contribution of a scientist to solar-terrestrial physics.

SCOSTEP Distinguished Young Scientist Award – To young scientists who have achieved considerable success in solar-terrestrial physics and have taken an active part in SCOSTEP-related activities.

SCOSTEP Distinguished Service Award – To recognize unique contributions to SCOSTEP-related activities, to realization of its programs and events.

Honorary Members – To persons who made invaluable contributions to the entire STP community, selected by the Bureau.

The SCOSTEP awards are given biennially. The first Distinguished Science Awards were awarded in 2014. They are awarded in even years. The first Distinguished Service Award was given in 2013. These awards are made in odd years.

Call for Nominations for the 2022 SCOSTEP Distinguished Scientist Award and Young Scientist Award.

Awards Statute and Procedures