SCOSTEP Membership

SCOSTEP membership is comprised of National Adherents. These are scientific academies, research councils or other appropriate bodies in a country or geographical region that is representative of research in that country or region relevant to the programs promoted by SCOSTEP.

A SCOSTEP member country has influence in the policy and functioning of SCOSTEP because the country will be represented in the SCOSTEP Council by a National Adherent Representative. The National Adherent Representatives also provide valuable advice in establishing the SCOSTEP scientific programs and as members of the General Council (GC) the Adherents participate in the governing and decision making of SCOSTEP.

Scientists from a member country involved in Sun-Earth connection studies can connect with the rest of the global solar-terrestrial community. SCOSTEP can help organize international symposia, space science schools, and capacity building activities in the member country.

SCOSTEP welcomes new members. Please view the links for more information on SCOSTEP Membership.

NASA airglow over Indian Ocean
NASA photo: Airglow over the Indian Ocean from ISS.