Statement on Inclusion and Diversity


Dear SCOSTEP colleagues,

As a thematic organization of the International Science Council (ISC), SCOSTEP seeks to uphold principles of inclusivity and diversity, to defend the free and responsible practice of science, to promote equitable opportunities and to oppose all forms of discrimination.  We call on the SCOSTEP members to consider these points as your close issue. We put this statement together with the attached ISC statement.

With best regards,

Kazuo Shiokawa and Daniel Marsh, on behalf of the SCOSTEP Bureau:

Kazuo Shiokawa (President),
Daniel Marsh (Vice President),
Nat Goplaswamy (Past President),
Patricia Doherty (Scientific Secretary, exofficio),
Aude Chambodut (WDS),
Jorge Chau (URSI),
Kyung-Suk Cho (IAU),
Yoshizumi Miyoshi (COSPAR),
Renata Lukianova (IAGA/IUGG),
Peter Pilewskie (IAMAS),
Annika Seppala (SCAR), and
Prasad Subramanian (IUPAP)